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Shared Services Platform
for a Multimodal and ECO-responsible Logistics

Context and objectives
H-log Objectif OFP Modalis Le Havre Port Ecomodal Orange

Context and objectives

ECOPMS participates in promoting responsible modes of transportation that are respectful of the environment and contribute to obtaining 4 fold reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving these environmental objectives requires a re engineering of supply chains, the launching of eco-responsible modes of transportation, concerning both rail and road, and the marketing of a corresponding offer that would be both simple and attractive.

The objective of ECOPMS Project (French acronym for: “Shared Services Platform for a Multimodal and ECO-responsible Logistics”) is to propose an innovative approach to multimodal logistics systems starting with a minimum of road and rail and extending to other modes of transportation. It includes the establishment of a shared services platform that manages physical flows of goods, and flows of information. The shared platform ECOPMS will be implemented as a “cloud” offer deployed with the help of Orange Business Services which can assemble different logistical offers constituting a true “ecosystem”. The Cloud or cloud computing gives access to digital services via different channels (from internet access, to mobile accessibility through phone and tablet) with a high level of availability and security, and immediate, wide geographical coverage.

Once the implementation is complete, a technical experts team will launch through ECOPMS some outsourced services of transportation flows management.

Key figures

Duration: 4 years

Starting date: 2013

Global Investment: 9,6 M€
Including 3,9 M€ Subventions and refundable advances

Localisations: Ile-de-France, Haute Normandie, PACA, Rhône Alpes


The project will focus on three main areas:

Defining the offer and the corresponding methods of production with the participation of major logistics players who will help the process evolve in relation to the innovative technologies available (RFID, coupling…)

Putting in place the shared platform of services in the form of a “Cloud” and its logistic services in collaboration with Orange Business Services,

Developing a logistics demonstrator and an optimized rail message service that is virtuous in regards to the environment and the emission of greenhouse gases. Also, putting into place points 1 and 2 and installing a demonstrator of traceability and dematerialization of logistical flows on the multimodal site of le Havre’s main seaport.

Expected outcomes

in rail production, the use of technologies that improve productivity (automatic coupling…), traceability (RFID), establishing a “Cloud” for the logistics
30 direct job opportunities (platform development), 150-300 indirect jobs in regional rail freight undertakings via the development of associated logistic activities - between 500-2000
The project demonstrator corresponds to an economy of approximately 40 250 TCO2 for one Billion tonnesxkm of annual traffic- beyond this, the traffic objective is several Billion tonnesxkm (5-10, or 200 000- 400 000 T CO2)- other environmental elements deal with the noise and security levels of transportation
Transportation security-accidents-job opportunities- revitalization of industry

Application and valorization

The services available through the logistic Cloud ECOPMS:

of transportation documents
of the operations of the global multimodal transportation chain
Business services
to increase the profitability of the connected users
Mutualization and data exchanges
between all logistics players